"Universal scaling of crowding-induced DNA mobility is coupled with topology-dependent molecular compaction and elongation"

S. Gorczyca, C.D Chapman, R.M. Robertson-Anderson
Soft Matter, 11, 7762 - 7768 (2015).

"When Ends Meet: Circular DNA Stretches Differently in Elongational Flows"

Y. Li, K-W Kai-Wen Hsiao, C.A. Brockman, D.Y. Yates, R.M. Robertson-Anderson ,J. Kornfield, M.J. San Francisco C.M. Schroeder and G.S McKenna
Macromolecules 48 (16), 5997-6001(2015).

"Entangled F-actin displays a unique crossover to microscale nonlinearity dominated by entanglement segment dynamics"

T.T Falzone, S. Blair and R.M Robertson-Anderson
Soft Matter,11, 4418-4423 (2015).

"Crowding Induces Complex Ergodic Diffusion and Dynamic Elongation of Large DNA Molecules"

C.D. Chapman, S. Gorczyca and R.M. Robertson-Anderson
Biophysical Journal, 108, 1220-1228 (2015).

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