Juexin Marfai Named Finalist for APS Le Roy Apker Award

 We are pleased to announce that Juexin Marfai has been shortlisted as one of the six finalists for the distinguished APS Le Roy Apker Award, a recognition of significant undergraduate research in the field of physics. Juexin is scheduled to present her research in Washington DC on August 1st. We extend our sincere congratulations to Juexin on this noteworthy professional achievement. Please stay informed for future updates on this matter.

Philip Neill Commits to the Biophysics Ph.D. Program at UC San Diego

We are excited to announce that our postbac researcher, Philip Neill (USD class of '22), will begin his Ph.D. in Biophysics at UC San Diego this fall. Philip plans to use his biophysics background to explore molecular neuroscience, aiming to make significant contributions to the field. Join us in congratulating Philip and wishing him success on his academic journey!

Robertson-Anderson gave an invited talk at the Topological Soft Matter Workshop in Edinburgh

Robertson-Anderson gave an invited talk on 'Multiscale rheology of topologically-active DNA blends and composites' at the Topological Soft Matter Workshop at the University of Edinburgh.

Check it out here.

Maya Hendija awarded the SPS Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research

Maya Hendija (Physics BS, '23) was awarded a prestigious Society of Physics Students *Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award* for her research on active cytoskeleton composites in Dr. Robertson-Anderson's lab and her leadership of USD's SPS Chapter. 

Please access the full details here.

Gregor Leech will pursue a PhD in physics at UC San Diego

Gregor Leech (Biophysics BS, '22) will pursue a PhD in Physics at UC San Diego in Fall 2023, following a year conducting postbaccalaureate research in Dr. Robertson-Anderson's lab. Gregor has co-authored 2 publications, presented his research at 3 national conferences and was the recipient of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in 2022.

Maya Hendija and Robertson-Anderson are awarded a Cottrell Postbac Award

Maya Hendija (Physics BS, '23) and Robertson-Anderson were awarded funding from Research Corporation for Maya to conduct a year of full-time postbacalaureate research in Dr. Robertson-Anderson's lab.

Please access full details here.

Robertson-Anderson and Nugent featured in the USD Vista

 Maya Nugent and Robertson-Anderson were featured in an article in the USD Vista describing the awards they received at the 2023 APS March Meeting. Nugent was awarded a Division of Soft Matter Poster Award and Robertson-Anderson was awarded the Prize for Faculty Research at an Undergraduate Institution and was named an APS Fellow

Please access the full story here.

Students Present Research and Win Awards at the American Physical Society March Meeting

  Physics undergraduate Maya Nugent received an award for her outstanding research poster and Dr. Robertson-Anderson received the Prize for a Faculty Member for Research in an Undergraduate Institution for her research and contributions to the professional development of undergraduate physics students.

Maya Nugent awarded a DSOFT Poster Award

Maya Nugent (Biophysics BS, '25) received a prestigous APS Division of Soft Matter Poster Award for the poster she presented at the 2023 APS March Meeting on her research on circadian colloids. Maya was one of only 4 award recipients (out of over 100 posters) and the only undergraduate.

Robertson-Anderson featured speaker at Conversations with the Dean

Robertson-Anderson was invited to talk with administrators and donors about her research with undergraduates.

Robertson-Anderson is named a 2022 Fellow of the American Physical Society

Robertson-Anderson was awarded this honor - reserved for <0.5% of APS faculty members - ‘For pioneering microrheology and microscopy experiments that elucidate the mechanics and dynamics of bio-inspired soft matter systems and complex biopolymer networks, and advancing undergraduate physics research and curriculum.’

please access the full details here.

Robertson-Anderson receives the 2023 APS Faculty Prize for Research at an Undergraduate Institution

Robertson-Anderson was awarded this prize - given to a single faculty member each year - for achieving wide recognition and contributing significantly to physics and providing inspirational guidance and encouragement of undergraduate students participating in this research. 


Read more about her prize here.

Dr. Anderson receives the STAR award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement

 The STAR (Science Teaching And Research) Award recognizes outstanding research and educational accomplishments. The STAR award includes a $5,000 cash prize. The awards will be presented at the 2022 Cottrell Scholar Conference, to be held July 6-8, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona.

Please access the full details here.

Dr. Anderson shares her views on the underrepresentation of women and people of color in STEM fields (The SanDiego Union-Tribune)

 Dr. Anderson writes, "So many STEM spaces in schools are exclusionary, overwhelmingly male, and speak to the sensibilities, goals, and ideas of men." 

Please access the San Diego Union-Tribune OpEd here.

Robertson-Anderson shares her advice on forging collaborations

Rae Robertson-Anderson describes how new professors can obtain collaborative research opportunities that not only advance knowledge but also propel their careers.

Please access the article here