"DNA as a Model for Probing Polymer Entanglements: Circular Polymers and Non-Classical Dynamics."

K. Regan, S. Ricketts and R.M. Robertson-Anderson
Polymers, Special Edition: Semiflexible Polymers, 8(9), 336 (2016) --Invited Review

Light-sheet microscopy with digital Fourier analysis measures transport properties over large field-of-view

D.M. Wulstein, K.E. Regan, R.M. Robertson-Anderson & R. McGorty
Optics Express, 24, 20881-20894 (2016)

"Entanglement Density Tunes Microscale Nonlinear Response of Entangled Actin"

Bekele Gurmessa, Robert Fitzpatrick, Tobias T. Falzone, and R.M. Robertson-Anderson
Macromolecules 49, 3948-3955(2016).

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